A healthy smile

for a healthy person

A complete and accurate diagnosis of your oral health

The preventive nature of diagnoses plays a fundamental role in orthodontics

At Imagine Barcelona we are aware that the mouth, like the skin, is an external indicator of health and shows signs and symptoms of the state of our body.


The diagnostic image in this area allows us, for example, to detect a cavity before it is visible, even before the specialist does. Early treatment of these problems is vital to avoid complications that reach the nerve and endanger the tooth. In addition, they are essential tests to carry out orthodontic studies and to detect pathologies and abnormalities.


Explorations & techniques

Because your smile speaks of you

“Personal molt, molt qualificat, tracte espectacular; des de l'atenció en entrar com el Dr. Manuel Salvador, que t'escolta atentament i tracta el teu problema com si fos el seu. Maquinària molt sofisticada i precisa. 100% recomanable!“

Oscar Rodríguez