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A complete and accurate diagnosis of your oral health

The preventive nature of diagnoses plays a fundamental role in orthodontics

At Imagine Barcelona we are aware that the mouth, like the skin, is an external indicator of health and shows signs and symptoms of the state of our body.


The diagnostic image in this area allows us, for example, to detect a cavity before it is visible, even before the specialist does. Early treatment of these problems is vital to avoid complications that reach the nerve and endanger the tooth. In addition, they are essential tests to carry out orthodontic studies and to detect pathologies and abnormalities.


Explorations & techniques


With this radiographic technique we obtain a panoramic x-ray of the dental arches that allows us to assess cases of caries, infections, eruptions of teeth in children or bone lesions pathological, among others.


The CT applied to the maxilla and the jaw, through a specific dental program, allows precise planning of dental implant surgery.


Teleradiographs allow us to measure the angles and proportions of the bones of the face and thus establish the relationship with their facial structures. They are also called cephalometries, and this is where the cephalometric studies in which the relationship between the maxilla and the jaw are studied, that of these with the rest of the bones of the skull and the position of the teeth in the bones, among other essential issues to when planning an orthodontics. It is from the cephalometric data that necessary information is obtained to establish the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of the patients. Together with other tests of an orthodontic study, such as orthopantomography, they are an auxiliary method to diagnose occlusion problems, as well as craniofacial malformations.

Because your smile speaks of you


“Very, very qualified staff, spectacular treatment; from the attention when entering as Dr. Manuel Salvador, who listens to you carefully and treats your problem as if it were his. Very sophisticated and precise machinery. 100% recommendable!”

Oscar Rodríguez