Pioneers in the diagnosis for the image of women

We are the first center in Barcelona to implement the combination of ultrasound and mammography.


Ours breast studies are aimed at prevention and detection through excellent, advanced and efficient medical imaging techniques. Three out of ten cases of breast cancer are detected in the early stages, where the tumor is easier to treat and there is a wider range of possibilities to eradicate it.


We have a medical team specialized in breast imaging, which gives close and fully personalized attention.



Thanks to the great technical advances of the sector, today we are able to obtain high quality images of female pelvic structures to detect pathologies or uterine malformations, among other effects.



Determining our Bone Mineral Density (BMD) is essential to prevent the risk of osteoporosis fractures, as well as detect structural changes that bring bone fragility.

Our densitometers are low radiation and calculate bone density at different points of the skeleton.



During pregnancy, it is important to carry out diagnostic tests to identify the presence of possible congenital defects in the fetus or maternal risk factors that may require strict controls throughout of pregnancy. An early diagnosis has a fundamental role in advancing to circumstances.



Imaging studies before and after an aesthetic procedure are the great allies for better treatment planning, as well as for the control of results.

Because the best tool is prevention

“Very, very qualified staff, spectacular treatment; from the attention when entering as Dr. Manuel Salvador, who listens to you carefully and treats your problem as if it were his. Very sophisticated and precise machinery. 100% recommendable!“

Oscar Rodríguez