The house of radiology, since 1973

Pioneering low radiation technology, with around 50 years experience

Who we are


The constant innovative spirit is part of the DNA of Imagine Barcelona that, since 1973, positions us as a leading radiological center. We have the most advanced technology in low radiation and we offer a premium diagnostic imaging service. We have a high-level medical team and an experience of more than 40 years that guarantees the confidence of our patients. From our origins we have applied the best techniques to obtain the best result.


We offer you services based on trust, excellence, rigour and agility. At Imagine Barcelona we promise to give you immediate answers and deliver your diagnosis on the same day of the visit or in less than 24 hours, to avoid unnecessary distress. We are the only center in the city where a radiologist will accompany you throughout the process until you hand-deliver the results.


We offer radiology and diagnostic services for low radiation imaging, for adults and children, for both men and women. We have a recognized career as specialists in women's and sports health. At Imagine Barcelona you will find the best diagnosis: breast, musculoskeletal and dental tests, among others.


What our clients value most is the personalized treatment and the peace of mind of being in the hands of a team of highly qualified doctors. We make you feel that your radiologist takes care of you, we look you in the eye and share your health process with you.

Wide range of tests and studies

of great quality and precision

“Very, very qualified staff, spectacular treatment; from the attention when entering as Dr. Manuel Salvador, who listens to you carefully and treats your problem as if it were his. Very sophisticated and precise machinery. 100% recommendable!“

Oscar Rodríguez