We prevent and diagnose injuries with the maximum precision

We advance hand in hand with sports and preventive medicine, on horseback of the latest technology

Our diagnostics in sports medicine are highly valued by elite athletes

Dr. Manuel Salvador is passionate about sport and an athletics national medalist, fact that introduces him fully into this world. At Imagine Barcelona we know firsthand that sports injuries are a very common condition among sports lovers, so that an early diagnosis is absolutely necessary to prevent complications and sequels. High performance athletes rely on our medical team for their musculoskeletal check-ups.

We provide you with the latest generation of radiological equipment to prevent and diagnose injuries with maximum precision. We offer you personalized treatment quality and a wide variety of tests.


Explorations & techniques

Because a good diagnosis is key

to your recovery

“Personal molt, molt qualificat, tracte espectacular; des de l'atenció en entrar com el Dr. Manuel Salvador, que t'escolta atentament i tracta el teu problema com si fos el seu. Maquinària molt sofisticada i precisa. 100% recomanable!“

Oscar Rodríguez