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Family of radiologists.

Three generations with an innovative spirit that have transformed radiology in Barcelona

Our history

Our history goes back to 1973 when Dr Rafael Salvador Monte, his wife Celina Tarrasón and their eldest son, Rafael, founded the Radiological Cabinet of Dr. Salvador; a pioneering Radiological Center in Barcelona. They brought from Europe the most cutting-edge knowledge and the most innovative technical advances, to offer a diagnosis of the image highest quality, rigour and safety.


The youngest son, Manuel, with only 14 years old followed closely the latest medical advances next to his father. He grew up surrounded by renowned doctors, until he joined the center's medical team as Dr. Manuel Salvador.


The two brothers, Dr. Manuel Salvador and Dr. Rafael Salvador, eminences in radiology, would take over in 1999 to create the center Imagine Barcelona.


Currently, Dr. Manuel Salvador is the Medical Director of the center and his son, Manuel Salvador, the General Director. Together they have made the project grown with a great vision for the future based on specialization, the vocation of service for health and prevention and ehealth.


Dr. Rafael Salvador Monte


Dr. Rafael Salvador Tarrasón


Dr. Rafael Manuel Tarrasón

A trajectory with over 50 years guarantees the tranquility and safety of our patients.

We have pioneered many technical goals of radiology at state level, being the first to implement diagnostic tests such as stereotactic (1992), the digitized mammography (1999) or tomosynthesis (2019), among others:


Foundation of the Radiological Cabinet

of Dr. Salvador. Pioneer mammography center in Catalonia.


First to perform conventional stereotaxia

for breast biopsies of the State


First report with the BIRADS classification

in Catalonia


Publication of the Doctoral Thesis of Dr. Manuel Salvador, the first publication in Spain on breast elastography


Organizers of the 1st. Grade of Mammary Intervention in Spain


They perform the first digitized

stereotaxy of Catalonia


Pioneers in making the first digitized mammography of the country


First digital orthopantomography of Catalonia.


First CT total body scan


First densitometer


Magnetic resonance

inauguration in Tarragona


Installation of the first Siemens transition

elastography device from Catalonia


First Low Radiation Mammography

(PHILIPS Microdose) of Spain


First low radiation CT


1st. Course of Expert in

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound (UNIR)


Teradiology collaborating centers


First apparatus of hepatic

and thyroid elastography


mplementation of tomosynthesis.

Low radiation 3D mammography

Radiologists with history, doctors with vocation

“Very, very qualified staff, spectacular treatment; from the attention when entering as Dr. Manuel Salvador, who listens to you carefully and treats your problem as if it were his. Very sophisticated and precise machinery. 100% recommendable!“

Oscar Rodríguez

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